// pricing depends on the size
of your engine




25 Point Check

Oil Service

from £65
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Engine Inspection
  • Anti-Freeze Top-Up
48 Point Check

Interim Service

from £99
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Windscreen additive
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • AdBlue
57 Point Check

Full Service

  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Windscreen additive
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • AdBlue
  • General Checks (Engine, Brakes, Tyres)
  • Steering and Suspension Checks
  • Exhaust Checks

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Oil & Filter Change

Get an oil and filter change before your oil light comes on
£  65 from

Vehicle Safety Check

£  19.90 from

Front Brakes (Discs & Pads)

£  289 from

Front Brakes (Pads)

£  99 from

Rear Brakes (Discs & Pads)

£  199 from

Rear Brakes (Pads)

£  69 from

DPF Cleaning

Do you do short journeys? Stop/Start frequently? Your DPF can become blocked, causing an engine fault code to display.
£  99 from


Overfilling the AdBlue reservoir can create a vacuum inside the tank that prevents the AdBlue from being injected into the exhaust initially and this could cause an engine management light to illuminate.
£  20 from

Air Con Servicing

Air conditioning service. A must for the summer and demisting in the winter.
£  90 from

Brake Fluid Replacement

The brake reservoir sweats and water gets into the brake fluid. This lowers the boiling point of the fluid which can reduce the efficiency of your brakes. Regular brake fluid replacement is recommended.
£  69 from

Coolant Change

The Coolant Inhibitor is anti-freeze with additives to assist cooling and give added protection to the internal waterways of the engine. It should be replaced regularly to ensure you do not get frost damage, and keeping your cooling system operating efficiently.
£  29 from

Diagnostic Check

The engine diagnostic check tests the vehicle's engine control computer (ECU) to scan all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes.
£  90 from


Any Make, Any Model

We want to take care of every car, so whenever yours needs a little TLC, from damaged body, paint or mechanical repairs, we can help.

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Every customer is unique. That’s why we customize every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a Mini or a MAN, a one-time request or a long-time effort, we’ll listen to your needs and prepare a customized plan.


The owners manual of your vehicle has a detailed section outlining the intervals that your car should be serviced. The schedule also lists the items that need particular attention at each of those intervals. Most modern cars have a service reminder light that illuminates on the dashboard when your service is due.

If you own an older car or don’t have the owners manual then the general rule of thumb for oil and filter change is every 7000 miles or 6 monthly, whichever comes first.

The time taken to service your car varies depending on the service interval e.g. the service relevant to the number of kilometres you’ve travelled or age of your car in months since purchase, whichever comes first. The average time for a standard service is 1-1.5 hours. You will need to allow more time for major services which involve attention to additional items such as: air; cabin and fuel filters; brake fluid and coolant; transmission and other lubricants; timing belts and so on.